• Clearing the Way… On the 610 Bridge!

    Clearing the Way… On the 610 Bridge!

    ODIN, LTD. was contracted to remove the Bardella Crane located at the Port of Houston.

    Read about it in the Economic Alliance Houston Port Region’s News letter “Economies in Motion

  • ODIN, LTD. Awarded Louisiana License

    ODIN, LTD. Awarded Louisiana License

    ODIN, LTD. has most recently received a license to operate as a Demolition Specialty Contractor in the state of Louisiana for the purpose of cornering the heavy industrial demolition market. Additionally, we are licensed in the following states: Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee and Utah.

  • What We Do Best…

    What We Do Best…

    Watch our fun and informative video below!


  • Clearing the Way for the Future…

    Clearing the Way for the Future…

    ODIN, LTD. is a decommissioning, demolition, dismantling and asset recovery company. ODIN is an acronym for Our Demolition Industrial Network.

    Integral to our core services is consulting. We provide technical advice to our clients on all aspects of the dismantling, demolition and asset recovery process.

  • A Few Words About Us…

    A Few Words About Us…

    Industrial Demolition & Asset Recovery LLC. is a dismantling, demolition, and asset recovery company. Industrial Equipment Sales, LLC is our asset sales division. Together, the two companies are a powerhouse of reclamation services known as ODIN, LTD. With in-house capabilities to identify, categorize, and strategically liquidate scrap.


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  • Does Common Sense Exist in Safety?

    A question was asked on a Linked-In safety forum on the topic of whether common sense really existed in regards to safety on the jobsite.  In my opinion, it is all about what you come to define as normal in your particular realm of life.  What might be “common- in-sense” to a worker that has [...]

  • What is the best way to structure a demolition contract to minimize change orders?

    Minimizing the chance of unjustified change orders begins in the planning stage of a project. It is important for the purposes of bidding to establish a simple and well defined scope of work that will create a situation allowing you to compare “apples to apples’ in the bid evaluation process.


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Our Team of Experts…

Our team of demolition experts know their job and do it well.

We specialize in heavy industrial demolition using the latest techniques and technology for safe and economical results. Whether the plan is to shut down an entire plant or just a process line, a definitive plan must be in place. Let our demolition experts help you determine the scope, complexity and the best, most economical and safe way forward. Our approach to demolition is to minimize the amount of materials going into landfill by channeling as much material and equipment for reuse or recycling. Safety is paramount and that’s why you can feel confident that your demolition project will be safely completed.

Why Choose

Why Choose Us

ODIN, LTD. is led by an experienced and well qualified management team with more than four decades of experience in the industrial demolition business. Our management has an excellent track record of providing customers safe, quality innovative services with minimum risk at a high return on investment. We maintain excellence in our work and get the job done right the first time. Ask to see our great references! We are proud to share them.

Core Services

The 3D’s include decommissioning, dismantling, and demolition. Additional services provided:

  • Asset and Investment Recovery
  • Removal of process units damaged by explosions and other mishaps such as hurricanes.
  • Budget Assessments
  • Technical consulting to owners, engineering firms, and major contractors.
  • Brownfield Development
  • Offshore Rig and Barge Demolition
  • Removal of Regulated Building Materials
  • Ancillary Services
  • Evaluating and Establishing Asset Recovery Programs